Annual Writing Contest

Winners of the 25th Annual Writing Contest will are listed below by category. Congratulations!

Thanks to Karma Brown, guest speaker at our January meeting, for graciously donating her honorarium to the NSWA Writing Contest. First prize is now $125 and second prize is $75, in all three categories.

For Poetry

1st Place: Waiting for Their Light by Janet Kvammen

2nd Place: My Cat Watched Us by Christine Cowan

3rd Place: Milkweed Birds by Alexander Hamilton-Brown

Honourable Mention: Zoom Meeting by Jennifer Burton

Honourable Mention: Powell Street Woman by Marilyn Bittman

Honourable Mention: Boy Learns to March by Rod Baker

For Fiction

1st Place: Playing for Time by Christine Langlois

2nd Place: Neighbourhood Watch by D.K. Eve

3rd Place: Shadow by Laurie Crookell

Honourable Mention: The Comedian by Doug MacLeod

For Non-Fiction

1st Place: The Lonely Sea by Wendy Bone

2nd Place: Loving Liberace by Wendy Alden

3rd Place: Crossing the Sacred Valley by Angela Douglas

Honourable Mention: The Last Voyage of the Solander by Rod Baker

Honourable Mention: The Scar on My Throat by Diane Maguire

Youth Winner:

The Caspian Tiger by Anita Movazzafi